a) a person of the jewish faith
b) a person who displays characteristics of a jew
c) ultimately, worse than a jew, a person who displays characteristics of a jew and is also a gay person at the same time
a) That gew over there just went to the synagogue.
b) What a gew, that gew just grabbed those pennies I dropped off the ground.
c) Oh my God, that gew over there is kissing another guy in the synagogue. He is truly a gay jew, a gew.
by gewhater April 10, 2011
Top Definition
A gay Jew. A Jewish guy who likes to suck cock.
I would have never imagined that Mike was a gew, until I found tons of gay porn on his computer.
by Bad Mutha Fukka May 25, 2007
A slutty Ginger usually easily confused, likes to play mind games with men; Gews often don't have characteristics of an actual Jew but on some occasions actually do.
"See that girl over there with the red hair?"

"Yeah man she's pretty cute."

"Nah she's a total Gew."

"Damn that sucks..."
by Anonymous65477 June 28, 2011
Sticky hash-oil.
Pronunciation: goo
First Guy: Hey wanna hit some gew
Second Gut: Whatever, wish it were puppychow
First Guy: Right on.
by Bang Bang Nick Lange October 05, 2006
To sleep or take a nap.
Im about to gew all over that bed.
by Doing Me March 21, 2011
A way of expressing disgust at a certain situtation, person, or object.
"Gew that guy was so disgusting"
by Liz B. April 27, 2005
Word used in place of saying "Jew" so that others around you dont know what your talking about.
"God your such of Gew. You wont give me any money"
by Matt April 05, 2004

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