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A combination of Gay and Betch. Together it forms GETCH.

Someone who is not a bitch but a BETCH.
They also happen to be gay.
Peter: I totally had a threesome and didn't let anyone finish.
Me: God peter, why are you such a getch!
by sexydragon October 15, 2011
1. An informal way of saying the word get.

2. A short form of the Nigerian name "Ogechi" used by Americans to respect the Nigerian-American name bearer.
Getch money by working.
I'd rather call him "Getch" than "Ogechi."
by greenflams February 03, 2010
derived from a combination of ghettoand sketchy.
"Ever since Jules started snorting that shit she's been acting really getch."
by getrosexual ex-pat November 24, 2008
Yiddish word for a crucifix, pronounced with a hard "g". Seems to be etymologically related to the word "khach" meaning "cross" in Armenian.
Is your friend Catholic? I see him wearing a getch on his neck most of the time.
by pentozali March 21, 2008
Derived from getch() in C to piss the CS teacher off. One who is a bitch.
You getch! Uhm, hey thanks, GETCH!!!!!!!
by Anonymous March 26, 2003