An exclamation of excitement or praise. synonymous with " cool" and/or "awesome."
Get down!
by ckb1989 September 06, 2010
meaning to go cop or buy something that you are going to turn around and sell for a higher price...usually drugs, blackmarket goods, or something bought from a crackhead or smoker.
" man I just sold my last one, but I am gonna get down later today"
by catdick from da 95660 April 24, 2010
This is the loud exclamation of a person suddenly made gleeful by a happy occurrence of some kind.
Bob: There's no more opposition to taking action on the zero point implosion information.

Phil McSquee: Wow, man that's far out!

(Phil loudly exclaims} GET DOWN!
by pamschel February 13, 2010
used by older chicanos mainly gansters (veteranos) to say lets go slam
ey ese lets get down later
by ese ? September 03, 2007
To snort cocaine, or snort crack cocaine
We got down on an 8 ball last night.

"If you wanna get down, down to the ground, Cocaine" in Cocaine by Eric Clapton
by sec_8 April 26, 2006
An "old school" term referring to the speaker system in one's trunk.
"...fucking'em up wit all type of Get Down...seem like some of them niggas tryna tear shit down..."- J.T. Money (Chevy Game)
by TJ Gage May 12, 2008
When one is operating an automobile, and leaves the car to enter a building or place of residence.
Hey, are you going to get down, or am I?
by justin March 01, 2004

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