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An Internet meme that started in Japan, featuring people dancing extremely fast with odd positions, paired with Hirose Kohmi's song Promise. It started when a user of Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video sharing website like YouTube, posted a video of a glitch in the Nintendo 64 game 007 Goldeneye, where, if the game ROM was partially removed from the console (if the cartridge wasn't fully in) the characters, at seemingly random moments, would spaz out, their models moving to random poses every frame. Another Nico Nico Douga user then put the song Promise to the glitch video, with the phrase "Get Down!" playing first, as the characters started glitching, giving the appearance of random dancing. Someone else then created an anime-style animation of a character called Nitori dancing to the song, showing her spinning in midair to mimic the glitch. Users started taking dozens of pictures of themselves in random poses, put together to form an animation, similar to stop-motion. It's still spreading as of early May 2010, with dozens of such videos on YouTube.
Get down yureru mawaru fureru
Setsunai kimochi futari de issho ni nemuru
Winter land anata dake mitsumete
Watashi dake mitsumete ashita wo chikau
Gyutto dakare moeru koigokoro
Hageshiku maichiru yuki ni tsutsumarete
Eien ni ai shiteru kyou yori ai shiteru
Zutto eternal love!


English translation:

Get down
A shaking, spinning, touching, painful feeling
Sleeping together in a winter land
You looking only at me, me looking only at you
We make a promise for tomorrow

You hold me tight and I feel a burning love
Wrapped in the heavily falling snow
I’ll love you forever, I’ll love you even more than today
Forever, eternal love
by 73H1337N008 May 03, 2010

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