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While at a hardcore show, getting low is to headbang very low to the floor. Girls will often spread their legs VERY far apart until they are almost doing the splits.

Beware: You might get stepped on in the pits while getting low. Also, your pants could split. Wear short-shorts. Getting low takes PRACTICE.
Guy 1: "Dude! Did you see that chick get low?"
Guy 2: "Yeah! She's so legit! I wish my girl could get low like that during our shows!"
by barakitten<3 December 05, 2010
4 11
Take dat ass to tha flo!!
" Get Low From tha window to tha Wall" Take ya ass nn get low wit it
by Ern July 03, 2003
59 70
using heroin...from the aspect of how it causes one to move slow or low.
we was spikin scag to get low.
by kansas city 420 August 08, 2008
16 36
1. n. A T-shirt phrase with a little weiner dog worn by that fugly ass chick to the right.
1. Dayum that bitch to the right with that Get Low t-shirt has a horse face.
by legendofboberto August 23, 2008
9 31
To run or get away from someone or something.
If u see dem boyz u betta get low.
by City Life December 31, 2007
10 43
when a girl shakes it booty on the dance floor
get low get low to the windooows to the wall
by kim May 06, 2005
29 63
It can mean to perform oral sex
Well an example is to get low on yo knees
by Te-Te Baby September 23, 2006
22 70