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Genital Herpes, usually found in hot tobs and swimming pools were aqua orgys occur and were bodily fluids are exchanged
Steve- "Yo lets take a dip in the hot tub"

Mike-"Nah brosky i dont wanna catch the gerpes"
by Big Sen July 10, 2008
quite self explanatory a ginger with herpes not to be confused with pink sock
person one: I'm dating a ginger

person two: that has herpes

person three: what do you call that

person one: a hinger

person two: nope a gerpe
by Schottzie December 20, 2010
germs, an illness, not necessarily sexually transmitted.
Hey, don't sneeze on me, I don't want to catch your Gerpes.
by Emberrr December 10, 2008
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