While sucking one's testicles, a pubic hair goes down the throat of the sucker and causes the person to choke andbite down on the suckee's scrotum and testicles.(Very painful for both sucker and suckee.)
Chris whipped out his two inch cock and Sean was very angry that it was so short, so he started giving Chris a sackjob.While sucking, he started to gerp and bite down on Chris's scrotum leaving teeth marks and blood everywhere.
by Jon has a small penis May 13, 2003
gerp, when the prefix es is attachted, becomes an abbreviation of the genital herpes. Gerpes
your mother has gerpes, then passed them onto me
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
A brown person. Hindu, Packi, Persian, etc.
That gerp cunt ripped me off.
that gerp is a cheap motherfucker.
by D420* January 14, 2010
Meth users stay up for days on end all the time. When you gerp this is when you think you can fix anything. (Items may/or may not belong to them.) The gerper starts by taking it apart. Usually it doesnt get put back together;leaving one with projects that shouldn't have been attempted.
Marco gerped for hours, trying to fix his cell phone. He took it apart, after losing the mini screws; he then took apart his sisters sunglasses. Since the screws were the wrong fit, he took apart his moms electric tooth brush. By that time it was morning; He accidently fell asleep. With a broken cell and 2 dissapointed family members.
by Betty Kennedy April 27, 2006
another meaning for the word "gay."
Max is kinda gerp all the time because of his frog chin.
by Katie Jennings December 31, 2007
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