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The politically correct way of saying the language of Gerpersony (Germany).
-Man, I love Germish music. Rammstein rocks!
-Germish? You mean German.
-Wow, man, not cool, that's so sexist of you. Get in the 21st century, there, bud. Let's go watch Jessica Simpson wash a car on Much.
by burningpeaches May 24, 2006
Germish is the official meaning for anything that is a mix of vanilla and chocolate.
Girl#1: Man this cupcake is so good!

Girl#2: That's 'cause it's Germish!

Girl#1: Chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing, how delicious!
by Valerieawesomeness February 28, 2011
A combination between German and Spanish.
Oh wow there are a lot of Germish people in Chile since WWII.

I wish I was Germish, so I look white, but I'm still a minority
by germishboy February 05, 2009
A mixture between German and Irish. We're drunken nazis! Aaaaaaaaaand stuff. Mostly used to mock all the abbreviations most people use in their typing. Zing!
He r Germish lozlozlozlzolzozl!!1ONE
by baka777 November 08, 2004