Quite similar to The ever popular "shocker", the german handshake offers not two in the pink and one in the stink, but one in the pink and four in the stink. This form of greeting people was banned and later outlawed in germany shortly after the end of world war 2, and looked upon as a taboo greeting, used only by dirty minded old german men in cheesy pornography.
by Mr. Shivles April 13, 2009
Top Definition
The act of wiping one's ass with your hand after deficating, then shaking hands with an unsuspecting person. Most likely a person you don't like. Also related to "Stink Bomb."
"Hey, there is Ed, he is such an asshole! I am going to give him a German Handshake."
by MimePuncher6000 November 22, 2009
A German Handshake is when you're doing anal and you stick your hand so deep into her uterus you jerk yourself off through the membrane.
"I got german handshaked last night. it hurt like hell."
by fridagutentag May 06, 2009
Wacking off to a german girl on the interwebz.AKA COURTNEY. This is the german handshake.
Mario and german girl doin the dirty german handshake
by Brazil boi August 15, 2008
When one masterbates, and does not wash his/her hands afterwards, and then blesses someone with a handshake not long after.
"I'll German Handshake you in a minute"

(thinking)'if he's not carefull, hes going to get a german handshake'
by Jackal April 15, 2005
N - The act of cutting ones penis off with tools such as hands, knives, swords, bows, spears, guns, axes, needles and/or wire.
"well, use it or lose it man."
" ya, i think im gonna have to lose it. just might give it a little snip ya know cut the damn thing right off."
"Oh, get a German Handshake?"

"Dude, she was so pissed at him for eating her cheesecake, she gave him the German Handshake! Just like Lorena Bobbit!"
by G. Feeny May 05, 2006

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