A fake word made bye a boy from the U.S.A. in 2009 when he was 11 years old, he was playing with the word blogging up a storm at his friend's house one night when watching a movie. That word then based his own personal language off of this word, now meaning mostly "Go". Sometimes if you are talking in the language and you get carried away you can use the word to replace any English word that starts with the letter"G" .
I want to gerg to the Ice Cream Shop.
by Hockey Kit-Kat November 13, 2011
Top Definition
n. Commonly known as Greg, a Gerg is basically a synonym for any human being with the name Greg. Being a Gerg, however, it also means that the person is incredibly handsome with a satisfying penis.
Omg, i just hooked up with that gerg over there.

That gerg has the best dick ever!

Oh great, another gerg at the party
by ulrich von gradwitz March 02, 2010
Gerg is one bad ass mofo who constantly gets poon and does drive bys. If nothing else a gerg is a straight Bone Thug.
person 1 - Damn man! That nigga is a fuckin' gerg yo.
person 2 - I'd fuck him...
by Gerg =) September 15, 2004
Someone who slacks off!
Hey you Gerger, why don't you do some work!
by Cath Ellis & Jesse Spezza March 08, 2006
One of great cynicism and wisdom
Gerg's prophecies:
1. People Shit Me
3. Just Leave Me The Fuck Alone
4. Bring back Hunters
5. The Truth Hurts
by Rachel February 22, 2003
someone that very very rarely gets sex
what a gerg, he hasn't a root since that foul smelling granny raped him up the bum with a zucchini
by bucket! February 21, 2003
Another word for ripping a huge fart.
I totally thought I sharted today, but it was only a gerg.
by lulucha August 06, 2010
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