A mini-vomit you catch in the back of your throat or mouth.
That disgusting stewed spinach made me gerg.
by David December 02, 2003
Verb: To finish 4th in a multi-table poker tournament.
- "Did you win that $55 10k gtd on Party?"
- "Nah, gerged it."

- "3/4 on the final of the $10 rebuy!"
- "Don't gerg it bro!"
by jbr1956 November 21, 2012
another word for Cunt.
by Anonymous March 08, 2003
Someone rachel wishes whe was more like
"Damn, I wish I was more of a Gerg", Rachel said.
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
one of great over supply
"There are too many Gergs in my world", says Ben
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
Overused word that Martin 'Gayman' Nguyenuses. The word has no actual meaning, but rather an affirmation of his homosexuality.
gerg gerg gerg gerg gerg RAV gerg gerg gerg I gerg gerg gerg LOVE gerg gerg ger YOU gerg gerg gerg
by Danpachi August 12, 2008

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