an upscene abstract object that floats in space. it is large enough for its very own gravitational pull.

Also a nickname for when someone acts like a douche.
you are being so GERDes right now.
by wedefinewords May 22, 2011
Top Definition
The coolest substitute teacher on earth! He tells many "real" stories of his life to his students. He is now working on an autobiography of his life!
I want Mr. Gerde as our sub!

Gerde power!

That story was definitely from Gerde!
by gerdebirdy October 30, 2013
A substitute teacher who can summon the whole univerise into the tip of his pencil while taking tiny sips from his coffee
Absolute zero is very powerful. If we were to make the tip of this pencil have absolute zero the whole universe may be sucked in, gerde said.
by William Taylor February 13, 2007
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