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Girl nerd. A girl that does things typical of a boy that has tape rotting on his eyeglasses.
That gerd chews her pencils and takes forever to get off the class computer.
by Caroline Wiewiorowski February 24, 2005
A substitute word for either God or good. Can be used in any and all situations.
Oh my gerd!!!!!! That game is gerd!!!
by bergability November 30, 2010
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. When your stomach acid decides that it wants to crawl up in your throat and erode your insides.
"What was that noise?"
"That was GERD in my throat babe"
by Roger Collins June 24, 2005
Gay Nerd (not to be used in a homophobic way or i shall hunt you down XD ) - for the use of people who are self asserted nerds and have accepted being gay also
"Yay. I got it right"
"Once again James you have proven yourself to being a nerd"
"No, i'm a gerd."
"Gay Nerd...Duh"
by Mwuhahahaha XD March 18, 2010
A ginger nerd, a gay nerd... can be a combination of the two.
"Did you see what that red headed freak did?"
"Yea, what a gerd."

"Did you hear what Elton John said on TV last night?"
"Yea, what a gerd."

"Did you see that gay red head across the street?"
"Yea, what a gerd."
by Bobarino March 05, 2008
A Norse Goddess who is a personification of fertility and sex. She is the most beautiful of all creatures.
Gerd illuminates everything with her brilliant arms.
by freerocker13 December 23, 2007
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