The lack of happiness.
There are two times that a Georgia Tech student is happy: when they get in, and when they get out.
by A GA Tech Student November 12, 2009
An American Institution famous for screwing its undergraduates. In addition, when undergrads look for hope in graduate schools like an MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech, or UCLA, they realize that Georgia Tech as destroyed all their hope by giving them GPAs a full 1.5 points lower then the competition.

As a result, they end up doing their graduate studies in the same school that drove them so often to suicide as undergraduates.
Stanford's 2007 incoming graduate engineering class consisted of MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Berkeley, and UCLA undergrads. All Georgia Tech applicants failed to meet the 3.0 GPA requirements, in spite of a near perfect average on the GREs.
by Dark Lorde March 31, 2007
A school that sucks the life out of innocent individuals that thought they were going to get a good education out of it.

Also the REAL male population consists of either drunk ass fratboys, greasy nerds that do nothing but drool over sorority girls, or people that think they have the social ability and charisma to hook up with a 'cute girl' and bitch about the lack of selection when chances are the fat chick sitting across from you on the Stinger has a GPA a good 2.5 points higher than yours.
Georgia Tech raped me in the ass and left me for dead.
by Paprika-chan September 15, 2006
1. From the latin "Georgun" meaning complete lack of any attractive females, because they all balloon up on Varsity Chili Dogs and Juniors Chicken Tenders. and "Techius" meaning an asshole that has been spread wider than humanly possible by Physics II, Statics, Studio, Thermo and the 4 horsemen.
2. A hellish wasteland
3. A weird phenomenon in which even fat, nasty girls think they can be bitches because the ratio is so far in their favor.
When God made the Great Flood to wipe out evil from the earth, somehow Georgia Tech survived.
by Ecto-1 May 26, 2006
georgia tech actually means absence of women and lack of social ability.
John: hey i go to ga tech!
Sally: ( turns around, leaves room)
by Clay January 29, 2005
Place devoid of any attractive women.
I need to get the hell out of Georgia Tech and down to Panama City for spring break.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
A school ranked multiple times amongst the top 10 drinking schools, but never ranked with in the top 100 as a social/party school => students drink alone in their rooms!
Hey man, let's wire this entire dorm with some network cable and play Halo all year! That way we don't have to shower or share our alcohol and drugs with one another... pwn n00bs Georgia Tech style!
by Danimal27 July 14, 2008

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