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Georgia Tech is the best part of Atlanta which is the best part of Georgia which is the best part of the South which is the best part of America which is the best part of Earth which pretty much sucks compared to the Moon.
Let's go to Georgia Tech.
Nah, I'm not leaving this crater.
by ~Robicus~ April 06, 2009
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Georgia Tech is a good school for undergraduates IF YOU ARE REALLY SMART. Do not go there if you are an average student you will not have a good time. You will study your ass off and still fail. If you are reading this and disagree with me than you are probably a smart person and I envy you. Not everyone can be smart like you asshole! Yeah I'm talking to you!

I go there and I was in way over my head. I have pulled many all nighters trying to study for the classes and I still end up failing.

If you get into Georgia Tech that does not mean that you can do the course work. It would be better to go to a smaller school and get your undergrad and then get your masters at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is a trap school for people like me. I could go on about it, but why bother.

Positives: Campus life is fun even though a lot of people there are introverts and socially awkward so it is hard to start a conversation with people and there is a lot to do in Atlanta. People complain about the girls, but they are not that bad.
ME. I am an engineering student there. I am an example of what happens to a person who only has average intelligence and they go to Georgia Tech. I am now a depressed self-loathing loser.
by DepressedYellowJacket September 23, 2012
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Where the student body is too busy masturbating to World of Warcraft to use spell check. I need a shave.
Examples are plentiful.
by AlderMcDoublepost. February 14, 2005
135 148
A school in downtown Atlanta that, despite the unfortunate appearance and attitude of most of its men, attracts Agnes Scott girls on the weekends. Free drinks seem to overshadow the fat, pompous frat-boys.
Jill: I'm really bored-- there is nothing to do tonight.
Jane: Well... we could always go to Georgia Tech for free alchohol...
by purpleoctopus March 08, 2007
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A place in the arm-pit of Atlanta where the girls dicks are proportionally larger than the mens. Fraternities engineer new creative butt sex positions and Sororities are...well the sororities are also called fraternities. A place considered so smart Reggie Ball didn't learn quite how to count to 4.
I usually pass by Georgia Tech and laugh.

Georgia Tech...the all boys school?

Georgia Tech. I think I see a girl! oh wait its a guy with a mop on his head.
by UGA has hot girls September 01, 2009
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Where the student body is too busy masturbating to World of Warcraft to use spell check.
Those are fairly obvious, aren't they?
by ald February 14, 2005
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where nerds and non-athletic asocial failures dwell, then blog about their football team's absolute failure and try to excuse them by bitching more about the best team in the state. then when they finally win ONCE they think it's end all be all only to not realize with their math skills..cough..cough, that they won 1 out of a 7 year assraping streak by the other team. then they talk about how this team cheats or is dumb when there best quarterback didn't take ANY math classes at a premiere school. lastly techies love to bash everybody only to realize they live in a city full of more trash, scum, hobos, and failures than all their opponents.
Joe: I got accepted into georgia tech!

Bill: You're a cocksucking asocial faggot with no life except on the internet?

Joe: (cries and shits himself)
by one4the$ August 23, 2009
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