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The oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher learning in the United States, Georgetown University enjoys a powerful reputation as the world's most prestigious Catholic University. Founded in 1789 by John Carroll, first Catholic bishop of the U.S., Georgetown is renowned for its excellent faculty, incredible student body, and perfect location. Georgetown's most famous undergraduate school, the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, is known as the global leader in the study of international affairs. Heads of State, including the likes of President William Clinton, have passed through the halls of this most august institution. Georgetown University continues to lead the world in the study of international and political affairs with the Jesuit tradition for critical thinking and unsurpassing academic excellence.
I attend Georgetown University because I want to influence world events.
by Hoya Saxa February 16, 2005
the only college where the "world's best" have the privelage of puking in the hallways where FORMER PRESIDENT WILLIAM "define is" CLINTON once drunkenly stumbled through
where were you last night?
...oh, i got wasted at georgetown and woke up in the chapel covered in maple syrup, hugging a lamp shade....
by wadadli April 28, 2005
A mid-sized private school in Washington DC. People who don't attend often describe the school as a place for rich, private school kids who didn't get into an ivy. However, most students are actually very down-to-earth, intelligent, and chill. Robin Williams called the students the "most normal smart people". Beautiful campus, great academics, kick ass basketball team. One of the hardest schools to get into as far as admission rates.

Their chant is "Hoya Saxa" which literally translates to "What rocks". Their mascot is the hoyas, represented by a bulldog.
Student 1: Hey, I got into Georgetown University!
Student 2: Sweet, congrats! Now we can go bar hop in DC!
by hoyasaxa01 December 13, 2011
Where people who take their lives way too seriously go. And where people go when they cannot get into the Ivies (excluding Cornell) or Notre Dame.
Connor: I didn't get into Notre Dame, Dartmouth or Duke. I guess I have to go to Georgetown University. But I'm gonna pretend to everyone that it was my first choice.

Mike: I'm sorry dude, that really sucks...
by waddddddddddup June 04, 2010
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