George W. Bush is the only person rich enough and powerful enough to have bought the presidency and dumb enough to really think that the presidency is a job worth pursuing. Fortunately, in his case, he has a personal agenda which he has actually been able to accomplish!
Bush, George W. Bush, the president, person in power, idiot, war monger, political opportunist. Oil for food haliburton. Moron
by MDB April 17, 2005
The greatest Hitler impersonator the world has ever seen. With more repression and a bigger budget. And more patriotic followers.
"We're bringing the Wrath of God to Iraq."
by Napoleon Cornett November 12, 2004
Proof that the majority of Americans don't give a shit anymore. . .a redneck, texan, cowboy, greedy, anti-christ figure voted into the White House. . . .

Red States = Rednecks = DEAD
Fuck President George W Bush and all his followers!

Draft All Republicans You Sick Fucks!
A president who was elected (and reelected) by middle-class white christians who thought that they benefited from his policies by borrowing and spending much more money than they have even though they were too stupid to realize that those policies were raping them in the ass at the same time.
Joe: Hey look at Mr. Smith.
John: Yeah? What about him?
Joe: He's moving into a huge house. Is he a business executive or a doctor?
John: No.
Joe: Well, he must have voted for George W. Bush then since he obviously has how no clue on how to balance a checkbook.
by wahalla March 15, 2010
Monkey who looks like Alfred E. Newman. George W. Bush is quite possibly the worst president that America has ever had its hard to decide though Nixon and Regan were shit too. If Bush would just resign because he never won the presidency at all i think the entire smart half of the US will appreciate it. And for you radical christians out there, get a life how can you like a god who descrased a mortal woman and had a son and then proceeded to say sex is bad.
George W. Bush is a fucking idiot
by A bush hater March 27, 2005
a bitch.a drunk.enemy of the state thats leading the U.S. to distruction
a perfect example: his daddy
by miss thang March 22, 2004
A dumbass....complete idiot.
He should go to hell.
Him and his babys faternal grandaddy.
1"why is Americas economy going down the pooh shoot?"
2"because we have Dick and Bush in office"
1"oh yea....I forgot about George W. Bush. what idiots"
2"well maybe you should remember more our aniversary...or protesting against his bitch ass"
by AbbeyAweome January 01, 2006

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