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A complete arse of an MP for the RESPECT party, enjoying absolutely no credibility with voters, or the rest of the British public. Seems to think that appearing on the dross show "celebrity" big brother as a cat with pete burns has boosted his standing with young people....I'm young, It hasn't.
George galloway is a laughing stock
by Robalob April 29, 2007
The Don Quixote of British politics. Far left wing MP (he was kicked out of Labour for his near-Trotskyist views and started his own party RESPECT), radio talk show host, and occasional reality show contestant. He's been attached to some rather shady dealings in the past and is openly pro-Arab and anti-Zionist. He's a bit of a whack job but charismatic and gutsy as all hell. In looks and charisma he's comparable to Sean Connery although Connery's political views are far different. While I wouldn't vote for him if I lived in his constituency he is a good example of a loveable, entertaining loony and I do have a certain respect for him.
As George Galloway always tells the many Jews who call up his radio show, he is not an antisemite even though he is certainly anti-Israel.
by Rattus cattus October 26, 2006
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