A chimpanzee.
Look at george bush scratching his ass again. Oh that george bush.
by Xtine Max January 02, 2004
Bush is a biggonist wootyu that needs to die. He has ruined the economy, ruined american law, and ruined the american way of life. The truth is that if bush did not buy the presidentsy they would have called off the 9/11 attacks and those 5000 some odd people would be alive. P.S. he looks like an ape
*no example could be givin because calling someoe a george bush is the WORST thing you can call a living thing*
by Phillip July 31, 2003
see confused
A man whose most common phrase is I don't get.
by mick July 05, 2003
a political scapegoat used by certain political factions to degrade the image of conservative values and the right wing in order to promote and foster the image of progressive ideas and the left in order to establish the new world order
george bush is the dumbest man alive and has single handedly ruined this country
by stp nwo July 19, 2007
A type of person who screws over a country and sends troops into war without even declaring war... a straight up D - Bag.. GOD BLESS CANADA

(not really just used to emphasize Bush is a faggot, the U.S. and A is still the country of all countries
After George Bush got done taking it from his wife he decided to send innocent troops into the desert.
by Gallallla May 04, 2007
Slang for monkey. Also used as a slang for "cock smasher","fuck face","twat mouth","dirty sanchez",and "leaf"
Fuckin' George Bushes all over this goddamn zoo.
by dwarfmolester May 02, 2007
simply a tit who often makes a fool out of himself. he also makes speches and quotes making no sense and a general cock-up of most things.
george bush: "It's totally wiped out. ... It's devastating, it's got to be doubly devastating on the ground." --turning to his aides while surveying Hurricane Katrina flood damage from Air Force One, Aug. 31, 2005
by Bl@ze September 02, 2006
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