An "illeterate monkey" in a human's body. A complete failure who just doesn't want to accept his dumbness.
Let's be stupid today and do George Bush things.
by Aleee October 28, 2006
A complete and utter twat that is obsessed with finishing his daddys work
"Not Now Tony, I've got an Important country to invade, go and wank in the corner"
by Jon Morrell July 19, 2005
name of two presidents of the united states. They are Father and son. Also Republicans and hated by liberals all around the world.
"I hate Bush, he dumb and he is evil and tricked everyone."
by ryn February 16, 2005
A fucking piece of moldy shit. if this guy sucked anymore then we would have to call him alec baldwin
Geoge Bush fucks up everything he comes into contact with. this guy even fucks up wet dreams.
by Robin January 19, 2005
a fucking lying piece of non-american shit, hes probably a cuban communist,
he thinks that he can lie to the good people of america and brainwash them into believing anything they see on fox
a lying fuck face who lies about everything, tax, the economy, the iraq war, 9/11-he is definatly hiding something
Another term used for: a transvestite, a misshap, pubic region, dog, oil
"ahhh fuck, ive pulled another george bush, she has a penis!!!"

" lets go attack iraq for some o dat george bush"

"damn my george bush is getting long"

" bush=saddamm" kill civilians
by ghetto shiznit August 11, 2004
Common term used as if reading a book upside down or look through binoculars with the caps still on them.
He is george bushing the book upside down
by Turbo The Porcupine April 19, 2004
Dick Cheney's current (2006) butt buddy.
MMMMMMM Dick harder harder!!! said George Bush
by L-o-l-a April 11, 2006

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