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A stupid action. Refering to the 43rd president, George W. Bush. A fuck up, if you will.

Other use comes from:

George Bush
George Bushed
George Busher
He was George Bushing his test.
by The UweBolla Virus February 28, 2006
The George Bush is a maneuver in which two people settle an argument by; one person attacking another persons neighbor in response. After finishing that they will go one other house and tell them it happened because of the first person.

The slang for this is "George Bushing" or just "Bushing"
Bob: I disagree
George: Well fuck you
George then burns Bobs neighbors house then goes to Steve's house across the block and tell him that its because of Bob
Bob: Brilliant use of George Bushing.
by BigbrotherLord August 22, 2009

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