A mental orgasm experienced when look at Georg Listing from the German band Tokio Hotel (pronounced "gay-org-asm")
Oh my god. I just had a serious Georgasm.
by Kennedyrosewhith October 20, 2007
Top Definition
a georgasm is a type of orgasm experienced whilst in the proximity of anybody who goes by the name of George. Hence the term Georg-asm. It is usually triggered by something 'George' has said or done, maybe a bad joke and BAM! you're having a georgasm.
george:hey guys! how ya'll doin? *sits down*

victim: YESS!

george: whats wrong?

victim: i think i just had a georgasm...
by mumumarnie April 11, 2010
An orgasm caused by George Harrison.
Beatles fan 1: Damn, George Harrison is so hot!

Beatles fan 2: Oh my god he's more than hot I can't stand it *moans*
Beatles fan 1: You just had a Georgasm.
by leapinglunatic June 25, 2010
This word comes from me...because it is what i give girls to make them happy
Last night I totally gave her a taste of the Georgasm!
by George Hoefer March 07, 2005
an orgasm that occurs whenever one looks at the sexy George W. Bush.
while looking at a picture of GWB in his flight suit from a few years ago, Peggy Sue moaned "damn, he looks really good." in reply to that, Suzie Q said "i think you just had a Georgasm" Peggy-"wow...i think i did!"
by Kelly Nelson April 03, 2006

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