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From the film "Get Him To The Greek"

A Geoffrey is a marijuana joint laced with many other drugs such as Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, and methamphetamines. In the movie, "Get Him to the Greek" Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) smokes a Geoffery with Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and his father in Las Vegas causing him to have a heart attack thus provoking Aldous to stab Aaron in the heart with an Adrenaline shot, overiding the heart attack. Smoking a Geoffery also makes the person very attracted to furry walls.
Aaron: What is this?
Aldous: It's a Geoffrey
Aaron: What the hell is a Geoffrey?
Aldous's Father: It's a joint laced with Heroin, LSD, cocaine, extacy, and I think it has PCP.
Aaron: Why do they call it Geoffrey?
Aldous's father: Because who is going to be scared of a bloke named Geoffrey?
Aaron: Ahh God, I'm having a heart attack
by carnivalkid34 June 06, 2010
184 177
noun. A disproportional or abnormally large abdomen (i.e. stomach, belly, gut, tummy, pooch, bread basket, paunch, spare tire, etc.) that can be misinterpreted or has at some point been misconstrued as a mid-late term pregnancy.

pronoun. A playful name given to a persons abdomen as described above, as if it was a separate entity or living thing.
noun- "I really have to start working out and eating better, because I'm starting to get a Geoffrey."

pronoun- "Hey babe, when are we going to eat? It's time to feed Geoffrey!"
by DiyDomTheBuilder April 10, 2014
5 1
The most gay person in the world. One who thinks they are cool.
Geoffrey told the students that meech was a bad word.
by MEECHER April 01, 2014
2 4
A guy who can make your smile grow even bigger, and if your a guy he can make your balls feel blue,
But he's not gay, or maybe, no he isn't,
well he is......
'girls': i love geoffrey he always helps me pick out my outfit
by Ishan kallasingh March 19, 2010
44 51
This creature has black and ginger hair and resembles a hamster.
Yeah he's quite long in the upwards direction.
Oh look at that geoffrey!
by Smurf LOL January 10, 2008
47 129