From the film "Get Him To The Greek"

A Geoffrey is a marijuana joint laced with many other drugs such as Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, and methamphetamines. In the movie, "Get Him to the Greek" Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) smokes a Geoffery with Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and his father in Las Vegas causing him to have a heart attack thus provoking Aldous to stab Aaron in the heart with an Adrenaline shot, overiding the heart attack. Smoking a Geoffery also makes the person very attracted to furry walls.
Aaron: What is this?
Aldous: It's a Geoffrey
Aaron: What the hell is a Geoffrey?
Aldous's Father: It's a joint laced with Heroin, LSD, cocaine, extacy, and I think it has PCP.
Aaron: Why do they call it Geoffrey?
Aldous's father: Because who is going to be scared of a bloke named Geoffrey?
Aaron: Ahh God, I'm having a heart attack
by carnivalkid34 June 06, 2010
noun. A disproportional or abnormally large abdomen (i.e. stomach, belly, gut, tummy, pooch, bread basket, paunch, spare tire, etc.) that can be misinterpreted or has at some point been misconstrued as a mid-late term pregnancy.

pronoun. A playful name given to a persons abdomen as described above, as if it was a separate entity or living thing.
noun- "I really have to start working out and eating better, because I'm starting to get a Geoffrey."

pronoun- "Hey babe, when are we going to eat? It's time to feed Geoffrey!"
by DiyDomTheBuilder April 10, 2014
A Geoffrey is an incident that is clumsy, not well thought through and usually results in upset.
Accidentally squirts ketchup on a clean shirt. Damn it, I've done a Geoffrey.
by Mogalbear May 22, 2016
A guy who can make your smile grow even bigger, and if your a guy he can make your balls feel blue,
But he's not gay, or maybe, no he isn't,
well he is......
'girls': i love geoffrey he always helps me pick out my outfit
by Ishan kallasingh March 19, 2010
The most gay person in the world. One who thinks they are cool.
Geoffrey told the students that meech was a bad word.
by MEECHER April 01, 2014
This creature has black and ginger hair and resembles a hamster.
Yeah he's quite long in the upwards direction.
Oh look at that geoffrey!
by Smurf LOL January 10, 2008
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