From the film "Get Him To The Greek"

A Geoffrey is a marijuana joint laced with many other drugs such as Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, and methamphetamines. In the movie, "Get Him to the Greek" Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) smokes a Geoffery with Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and his father in Las Vegas causing him to have a heart attack thus provoking Aldous to stab Aaron in the heart with an Adrenaline shot, overiding the heart attack. Smoking a Geoffery also makes the person very attracted to furry walls.
Aaron: What is this?
Aldous: It's a Geoffrey
Aaron: What the hell is a Geoffrey?
Aldous's Father: It's a joint laced with Heroin, LSD, cocaine, extacy, and I think it has PCP.
Aaron: Why do they call it Geoffrey?
Aldous's father: Because who is going to be scared of a bloke named Geoffrey?
Aaron: Ahh God, I'm having a heart attack
#jonah hill #russell brand #judd apatow #marijuana #get him to the greek
by carnivalkid34 June 06, 2010
Top Definition
A name that can command upmost respect or downright contempt and everything in between.
"Geoffrey" is the highest form of the name and "Jephrye" is the lowest.
The poignant aspects of the spelling being the "G" and the "FF" if these are in place the name is great.
Sir Geoffrey Longsword of Cheshire is beyond reproach, Jeffrey Butts is a small time American crook and Jephrye is the lead singer of some unsigned emo band loitering around Camden avoiding sunlight.
#name #emo #class #society #elitism #nomenclature
by Essex BAadass August 15, 2006
The most wonderous giraffe in the whole entire world. He lives in Toys "R" (imagine that R is the wrong way round) us
There's a magical place
We're on our way there
With toys in their millions
All under one roof
It's called Toys "R" Us!

Soon after bedtime
When dark night-time falls
Geoffrey and helpers
Stock up on the shelves.
From ceiling to floor
Books, board games and bikes.
Teddies, puppets and dolls.
Bats, spaceships and trikes.
"There's millions!" says Geoffrey
"All under one roof".
It's called Toys "R" Us,
Toys "R" Us, Toys "R" Us.
#giraffe #toys #r #us #jeffrey
by fifipoodlebum January 25, 2006
The best giraffe in the world.
A: Why were you at Toys R Us?!
B: To see Geoffrey! Duh!
by geoff perch May 28, 2005
A Geoffrey is usually a male specimen that is tall, and particularly awesome, and filled with authenticity. No, this spanish filled wonder is not assosiated with illegal substances. Geoffreys maintain a highly developped mind, and play an instrument. Not open to others opinions. Never unwanted in a group. Perfect relationship material. Don't judge a geoffrey by his orientation. With a wonderfully advanced sence of style.
Girl 1: You're totally going to end up with GEOFFREY
Girl 2: Really? You think?
Girl 1: Well ya, you look good together !
Girl 2: Alright ;)

Whoa ! Geoffrey ! You have a great sence of style !

Man ! I wish I was geoffrey !
#amazing #nice #cool #quite #shy #tall #attractive
by Peopleunknown March 18, 2011
The most amazing brown kid you will ever meet. He can make you smile like no other. And he will help you decide which guys are hot or not. But he's not gay. Just savvy. The ladies love Geoffrey.
Geoffrey makes me the happiest person in the world!
#geoffrey #amazing #awesome #hot #smart #savvy
by jsteezy December 15, 2009
A Fun guy to hang out with. He can be very inappropriate at times. A Geoffrey is a great guy to be with if you want a good laugh. He Loves playing cod on the xbox and no matter what you say he will always say its the best. A Geoffrey will never call you names like b*** or anything like that. sometimes to get a good laugh a Geoffrey will stand up when your in the middle of something an yell ''I'M BATMAN '' then sit back down like nothing ever happend. A Geoffrey is a great friend once you get to know him. He is one of the funnest guy friend youll ever have. You surely will always want to keep him in your life.
Girl 1 "whos that kid over there?"
Girl 2 "Thats Geoffrey, He's a coo kid"
#geoffrey #xbox #funny #friend #batman
by midnight101 January 10, 2013
a mixture of marijuana, cocaine, crack, meth, angel dust, morphene, heroine, and other strong unidentifiable drugs crushed up and rolled into a joint and smoked. First time users cope with the feeling by petting furry walls.
When the world flips you a geoffrey stroke the furry walls.
#drugs #meth #weed #cocaine #crack #jeffrey #geoffrey #greek #aldous snow #fun
by aldous snow's bud LK June 05, 2010
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