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When one person puts forth resistance between two other people looking to hook up. Also known as a cock-block.
Cindy was totally into me. I was definitely going to hit that, but Sally didn't want us to hook up, she made up all these lies about me, and gave me a genital thwart.
by oliverdplasse August 19, 2010
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Self-defense against a rapist.
Jenny won't have any trouble getting home at night. She teaches a class in Genital Thwarts.
by GreatWhiteMope April 19, 2009
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The act of interfering with someone trying to hook up, get some action, or generally get in the way of some play.

The aftermath of being cock blocked.
"I was totally going to hit that with the fist of an angry god, but then she had to leave when her drunk friend got thrown out, leaving me with Genital Thwarts."

"Her ex-boyfriend never gets any action when she is around, because of her Genital Thwarts."
by me0wmix January 19, 2010
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