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People who got their first PC before 1987 and actually have a clue how they work.
Man, hate those "fools with fones", glad I'm a Generation A kinda guy
by Droog57 October 17, 2012
The Generation of Austerity

Today's crop of children, born between 2003-201x. They are the children of Generation X (those born from 1961-1981) who came right after the Baby Boomer Generation (those born from 1946-1964). The Generation A crowd will be the wave of people faced with reduced availability of luxuries and consumer goods, unstable employment prospects, declining quality in health care, declining interests in Wall Street and investing in American, esp. brought about by new government policies.
"Generation A will surely not have the toys that previous generations were afforded."
by tpudley February 24, 2010

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