1. one who generally manages to be a fucking retard.

2. one who generally manages to make stupid decisions

3. one who generally manages to be a complete moron.
Ray Poulin is our General Manager at Best Buy.
by torn pantyhose October 22, 2008
Top Definition
Noun used to describe something that is quite cool.
Man, i thought that girl was general manager, but she was totally stock boy the next day.
by S-Doobius November 30, 2009
1.) A person who's chicken you don't want to fuck with.

2.) A person that make make a meeting short or long.

3.) A person who takes credit for the successes (even the ones he doesn't know about).

4.) A person who constantly needs help understanding.

5.) A person who manages to have hair generally all over their body.
"Hey guys, I am the General Manager and this can be a long meeting or a short meeting, Help me understand"
by Nuck Chorris lol May 17, 2010
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