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Noun used to describe something that isn't quite cool, but just average.
I wouldn't call that car bad ass, but definitely sales associate
by S-Doobius November 30, 2009
Noun used to describe something that is quite cool.
Man, i thought that girl was general manager, but she was totally stock boy the next day.
by S-Doobius November 30, 2009
Pronunciation: hume-an-eh-mammal

Definition: a trionomial word combining human, animal, and mammal; an adjective used to describe a person with many of the essential characteristics among humans that unites one in harmony with other creatures of the natural world.
Native Americans were much more humanimammal than the Europeans in the 1500's

People today should strive to be more humanimammal by reducing their impact on the earth.
by S-Doobius February 27, 2010

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