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blood spitting front man
of the 70's rock band KISS,
he is known for his
6" toungue, 7" heeled monster,
or dragon, boots, and kinda sorta
maybe, being a little bit
of a sell out, kinda.
joe: who is gene simmons
frank: KISS frontman
by sparky the evil thing October 25, 2005
arguably the worlds biggest sellout/whore/asshole.
people really need to stop watching shows with gene simmons in them
by dsfasfadsf August 26, 2006
A dude with a long-ass tongue.....
Carlos: Dude! Check out my tongue! *sticksout 6" tongue*
Peter: Dude! You are such a Gene Simmons!!!!
by CGGCrevalle November 12, 2009
When performing cunnilingus on a girl while she is on her back, you stealthily take an extra long lick without her prior knowledge and to her surprise lick her butthole.
He went down on me last night and gave me a Gene Simmons. It felt pretty good.
by InventedByKP March 06, 2012
Gene Simmons enjoys letting people know that he still exists by selling them condomns and pretending to be a talented musician.
by God December 12, 2004

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