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When your lover is laying patiently on the bed, you set yourself onto the bed post. Then, you leap off as high as you can while stretching out your scrotum out as far and wide as possible in an effort to glide down onto her face, just like the Alberta Flying Squirrel does when leaping out from the tree branches.
Dianna and I hooked up last night, and I jumped off the top ropes like an Alberta Flying Squirrel.
by WayneDarcy October 07, 2008
Anatomy as stated. His tongue has seen, touched and been places many of us have only read about it books. It is an unstoppable force of nature and should be revered and celebrated as an icon and international symbol of peace.
I'm not sure what to do this weekend, but I can guarantee that I will let Gene Simmon's Tongue be my guide!
by WayneDarcy September 12, 2009
During anal intercourse with a select female (or male), empty your entire bladder into her (his) anus. After completion, have her (him) turn around and crap that bum pee out - sometimes onto you.
After Earl left last night, I pounded his wife in the ass and cleaned her out with The Yugoslavian Enema.
by WayneDarcy October 07, 2008

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