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A perjorative term for "Evangelical" or someone who speaks with Evangelical fervor, especially a member of the Evangelical Christian right in the United States. This relatively new slang term is sometimes used by non-Evangelical Christians, as well as non-believers, to denote a shallow or knee-jerk kind of religious thinking that promotes an "us vs. them" worldwiew.

"Gellie" or "Gelly" is derived from the third syllable of EvanGELical. The word can have both playful and offensive connotations. It is related to the word "Fundie" for fundamentalist.
"That new mega-church in Colorado Springs is full of hand-waving gellies."
by Peter Kobs June 20, 2008
DXM (dextromethorphan hydrobromide)gel caplets,
im already trippin'. i took 20 gellies.
by cornholio April 08, 2006

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