Top Definition
Being an arse tarded geek.
Kev: Oh yeah. I'm totally imber on WoW.
Gary: Kev your a gekk.
Kev: A gekko off MGS 4.
Gary: No nabhead, your a arse tarded geek.
Kev: Yeah I totally made that word up.
Gary: Obv not...what a gekk...
by Gary ( The creator of GEKK™) August 10, 2008
A word that was copyrighted by kevin dinsdale. It is a type of laugh, and it used to take the piss out of geeks.
wow nerd: i am teh uberzo0rd of this game, i am 1337 @55 5|-|1T mofo.
me: stfu nerd... gekk gekk gekk!

by kevin dinsdale August 11, 2008

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