A crook , a twisted stick the shepherds use . In Bulgaria it is mostly related to a big fat monster - GEGATA . It can be used as an adjective for something really big and fat . GEGA is also the biggest measurement scale - kilo - mega - giga - tera - GEGA . For example GEGABITE is the largest piece of information to be reached and it is almost impossible to be done .
Ebasi GEGATA .
Toq e basi GEGAviq .
Toq e GEGA debel .
In Beast wars the biggest boss was to be named GEGATRON but , the creators had to give it up beacause he could not fit in the screen .
by gegatron October 02, 2007
Top Definition
mostly a big asshole with a beard, with short hair and a fucked up attitude, can be used as a replacement word for: Dick, cock, asshole pussy, ass e.t.c.
My Gega hurts, I masturbated for too long.

How about I stick my Gega in your Gega?
by Guga April 15, 2008
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