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Another plural form of Goosebump.
When I'm about to present my projects, I get Geesebump allover.
by jeremia4263 May 12, 2011
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A plural form of Goosebumps. The origin of this word actually derives from an Indian Gypsy. He was known to find new ways to piss off her friends, but a few members of society kept him around because his Gypsy magic was mildly entertaining. He created this word as an inventive way to be annoying as he relished in correcting others.
Solomon: It's kinda chilly in here. Both of us have goosebumps.
Arul (the gypsy): Ahem, don't you mean both of us have geesebumps.
Solomon: *slaps him in the face*
by flamingcalamari June 13, 2016
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