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Comes from the combination of two words, God and Seman. Which in essence means God's seman. Used to describe a tasty tasty food or beverage. Geeman is the Hierarch of taste. To describe something as Geeman is ranking at a very superior level of flavor.
The burger that I had last night was like straight Geeman! Mmmmmmm!!!
by Dr. Fagioli July 07, 2011
8 3
geeman is the name of a person from Ingerland who thinks he's very clever but really isn't. Most notably, using aliases such as "nameeg" and thinking no one would notice. Some other notable things are that he supports Liverpool FC, and as such, should remove all doubt that he's a grade A idiot and a douche bag.
"Hey there is geeman!"

"Yeah, what a dick!"
by Boovy August 19, 2008
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