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Can also be known as 'milkie'.
Would rather masterbate over a pack of hobnobs. Gets a hard on while watching men flex in the gym. Favourite hobby rubbing his pecks on rowing machine.
Look at that man with his dick in a pot of tea , he's such a gazz !!
by Millie0909 January 14, 2015
A fat line of cocaine.
Hey man let's cut another Gazz!
by Rubberneck22 February 08, 2010
Something like Ğazz or Ģazz; Any blinged out version of Jazz.
Yo, dig my bombastic Ğazz guitar.
by Brad Harper November 18, 2003
A word used to abbreviate "gay as" as in bad (not homosexual).
That game that I bought from Bob is really Gazz
by Fredinator October 24, 2005
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