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Gay + person combined into one word (gay person)
A couple gayps got onto the dance floor, so everyone cleared out.
by bballindanger October 13, 2010
An area in jamaica plain (boston neiborhood). where a homosexual community is being established.
Boy 1: yo gay p is da only white neighborhood in Jamaicaplain

Boy 2: yea all the rich people live their. and the gay people
by BeeShizzle August 22, 2006
A term to describe an A.P. (Advanced Placement) course in school that sucks because of one of the following:
1. poor teachers
2. a shitload of homework
3. being graded extremely vigorously
4. being graded extremely vigorously while the normal class is stupid easy.
Man, taking Gay P European History was the worst decision ever! The teacher is horrible and he assigns like 2 hours of homework a night! Even further, he grades like a total asshole and even the best student gets a solid B. And the worst part of all of it is that I work my ass off to get a C+ in Gay P Euro, but over there pothead Kyle gets to breeze by regular Euro with like an hour of homework a week and an easy A. This is bullshit!!!
by laxbro69420 March 21, 2011
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