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A sporting event similar to Marco Polo played inside a pool in which one participant is "it" while the others swim away trying to avoid becoming "it". The main difference between Marco Polo and Gayman is that in Gayman the player who is "it" must reach inside the other players swimming trunks and grab the others penis in order to win. Gayman can only be played by males and is not truly Gayman if any females participate.

There are also several other varieties, styles, and "house rules" versions of Gayman including Hot Tub Gayman, Shower Gayman, and Gayman: Shore Edition. In Gayman: Shore Edition one man stands in ankle deep ocean water with his swimming trunks around his ankles while the other participants body surf in waves with their eyes closed and arms extended reaching for the other player's penis.
I enjoy playing a nice round of Gayman on those hot summer days in order to cool off and "blow" off some steam. (literally)

Kavan is the current Gayman Heavyweight Champion of the world.
Miller and Shawn are the current Gayman Tag Team Champions of the world.
by Our Bock January 12, 2011
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A man who is sexually, romantically and emotionally attracted to another man.

Generally speaking, gay men usually take good care of themselves and they seem to groom themselves better than straight guys (brand clothes, perfumes, hitting the gym, etc - but mostly the latter). A gay guy is usually more 'prettier' looking than a straight guy. However, of course, there are still many gay man that don't fit the stereotype of being well groomed, pretty and fit.

MOST gay men are far from feminine and are usually regular looking and acting males - That ordinary looking guy having a walk near your house day by day or that video store clerk could be a gay man. It's just that the media picks on the feminine gay men as they're talkative and funny - so that's why people think we all look & act like that.

Gay men are stereotyped to have anal sex. A lot of them don't have anal sex -- Manyfrot, others do a handjob and some would do oral sex. There are so many ways a guy guy can do it. A fact about gay men is that it's easier for them to get laid than straight guys, which is true.

Gay men seem to be more pickier and shallower when choosing their sexual partner. They have high standards when it comes to their romantic partner. Gay men also tend to be very competitive with other males in terms of looks and body image. They can get envious of a guy who looks better than them, even though at the same time they're attracted to him. But then again, this is a stereotype.
People who identify as a gay man:

Wentworth Miller, Ricky Martin, Ian McKellen, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer, Andy Cohen, Sean Maher, Luke Evans, Anderson Cooper and Matt Dallas.
by avialae October 08, 2013
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A person or thing showing traits (often negatively) of a homosexual man.
1. That freshman is such a gayman...
2. I can't beleive you made out with that gayman!
by Shiphen December 03, 2007
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by Ryan K December 23, 2003
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