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someone flaunting their homosexuality in an aloof manner
That goon is gaylording it about like hes not gunna get queerbashed
by Evil Nobby January 16, 2008
When you go out clubbing with your gay friends. Similar to raging, but with much more flair.
Activities include excessive drinking, shamelessly boisterous behavior, fiercely unapologetic attention grabbing, and generally a complete disregard for anyone outside of your group.

Much like traditional raging, it is (1.) guaranteed to be one of the best or worst nights of your life, but never in between, and (2.) only fun for those who are part of the group. Outsiders will typically hate all of you.
Friend: "Hey man, wanna go hit up some bars tonight? I need a wingman, bro."
You: "I would love to, but I'm going gaylording with Michael, Patrick, Christopher, Devin, and Gabriel. You should join! We're gonna get shitfaced at 'Play' and smoke cigarettes out back over some wildly inappropriate conversation."
Friend: "Dude I haven't been to a gay bar in years, sounds fun! I'm in!"
You: "That's what HE said."
Friend: "I see what you did there."
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by Ash Wednesday April 26, 2016
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