A term used by idiots to describe maniac's second era in the illustrious black metal band Mayhem.
get your cock out of that tape player's ass, i don't like maniac in gayhem!
by Venusturulhell November 05, 2005
Top Definition
n. the act of drawing reactions from heterosexuals by doing things characteristic of a homosexual
"Dennis, I implore you, stop this gayhem! People actually think you're gay now!"
by Reese May 09, 2003
General insanity of the gay variety. Usually used in describing the actions of an oppossing group, or when describing a horrible event in one's life.
"Hey dildoface, how's the party?"
It was great until you showed up, Senor Douche. Now it's just gayhem."
by Courteous E March 19, 2005
Gayhem - used for when there's a large group of gay persons partying hard.
It is pure gayhem in there!
by Copywriter? April 30, 2016
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