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A term used by idiots to describe maniac's second era in the illustrious black metal band Mayhem.
get your cock out of that tape player's ass, i don't like maniac in gayhem!
by Venusturulhell November 05, 2005
17 9

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n. the act of drawing reactions from heterosexuals by doing things characteristic of a homosexual
"Dennis, I implore you, stop this gayhem! People actually think you're gay now!"
by Reese May 09, 2003
9 2
General insanity of the gay variety. Usually used in describing the actions of an oppossing group, or when describing a horrible event in one's life.
"Hey dildoface, how's the party?"
It was great until you showed up, Senor Douche. Now it's just gayhem."
by Courteous E March 19, 2005
6 2