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A really cool person that is so cool he/she doesnt deserve a first name because the last name is just that damn awsome. Only someone named Gaydos can be called Gaydos, however, if youre cool enough, you can be "Gaydos's Clone"
Someone: Hey Gaydos!
Gaydos: Hey Bob!
Someone: Want to come to my party?
Gaydos: Sure! Are there going to be strippers?
Someone: No
Gaydos: Im not comming if there arent strippers
Someone: Well since youre so awsome, I'd better get strippers, or else the Almighty Gaydos wont come!
Gaydos: Damn Skippy
Gaydos Clone: And if theres no big screen Tv Im not comming
Some loser: Oh you better get a big screen TV or else theyre not comming
Someone: And then ill be the biggest loser ever...cause im not a gaydos or just like gaydos!
by The Almighty Supreme Gaydos January 03, 2005
One of the most disrespectful and demeaning insults one can say.
"You Gaydos ass mothafucka"
by Don Johnson April 08, 2005
Ruler of Gaydos land. The great Gaydos.
muslim bitch: I cant mess with the Almighty Gaydos, he will kill me.
quasdran: yea u dont want to mess with him.
by Gaydos October 19, 2003
1. What is left over after a gay guy takes it in the ass.
2. The mix of feces and ejaculatory fluids after butt sex.
3. A woman can not produce gaydo unless, A. She is equiped with a penis, Or B. She takes it in the ass from another woman equipped with a penis. This is a loophole to create gaydo due to the fact lesbians are gay.
Hey bob, what's this dirty colored sticky stuff coming from my rectum? Don't worry bill, that's gaydo and I just plugged your butthole.

Hey girl, wan't to make some gaydo? Your on girlfriend. you have a penis, right?
by ZackOrey November 02, 2007
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