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The inability of a gay man to keep his attention focused on one guy at a time.
"I won't go to a restaurant with Gary anymore - he's got GayDD."
by dickcheneyis666 May 17, 2006
the inability of a gay guy to focus on what you're telling them when a cute guy walks by
me: so what was the homework for english?
gay: sorry, i wasn't listening. a cute boy walked by.
me: GayDD much.
by flagtwirler January 11, 2010
A hyperactive person that has oversexualized humor and frequently rough houses in a manner that resembles gay behavior. Often to a point were it becomes annoying and disruptive.
That kid Bob will not stop dry humping me every freaking morning when I wake up! I am sick of him grabbing my ass and hugging me wherever I go. Well, it looks like bob has a severe case of Gay-dd!
by Ross Edelman February 25, 2008
Someone who is both Gay and has A.D.D.

Adam is totally Gay D.D., he can't finish one cock before he moves on to the next.
by TheGooch May 14, 2007
When a person with A.D.D or A.D.H.D can not refrain from saying gay comments.
Todd - Flying penises, where is my tooth pick?
James- don't mind him, he has gay.d.d
by assclownnation April 22, 2011
A mental condition in which one is easily distracted by stereotypically "gay" or homosexual objects.

Boy 1: Hm... we should really start working on our choir ---
*spots hairtie on piano, starts playing with it*
--- OooOo, it's pink and sparkly!
Boy 2: *groans* Wow man, you are SO GayD.D.
by Monsieur Metro January 27, 2008
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