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Similar to the cock block, but relating to an object (animate or inanimate) obstructing the ogling of a sexually desirable human (one would hope)
Tom was trying to check out this girl at the bar, but was being "gawk blocked" by her pontoon like friend lumbering in front of her.
by fluke_11 March 25, 2010
That multi-mile stretch of traffic that gradually slows to a crawl due to drivers gawking at a cleared roadside incident.
That gawkblock made me late for my meeting! I really hate getting gawkblocked.
by Beertken July 21, 2012
A gawk block is a plastic rectangular tool with a rectangular opening in it on one side. It is usually used in Marching Bands by striking over the side with the opening with a drum stick to produce a loud and piercing clicking noise, called a gawk, to keep time for the band by the drill instructor or drum major.
It is very irritating when the person keeping a beat on the gawk block passes very close to you, because it hurts your ears.
by zhukant August 13, 2007
when a friend gets in the way as you check out a chick,or when a huge boyfriend catches you checking his chick.
that chick in the mini skirt bent over, and then her boyfriend was a total gawk block and stood in front of her vertical smile ;)
by reyman June 21, 2007
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