Used when saying shut up. Most referred to rabbit ass or filthy mouth.
Guy: Oh what'd you get, oh... F. Good job!

Dude: Nigga, shut cho gavis mouth bitch.
by Aaron012345 June 18, 2008
Top Definition
A name for someone who is good at everything effortlessly. They are super nice and super skilled at everything: THEY CAN DO EVERYTHING! Gavis are usually so skilled that you may think they are god!
by dreamalilldreamofme August 25, 2010
hot girl, intelligent, kind of girl that you want to marry amazing in every way possible. Is like Meagan Fox in looks without the weird ass thumbs and is just a girl you would hold onto till the end of time. She has a personality that would make you melt, poetic, nice, sincere, and 1001 words can't even describe he amazingness.
person 1: that girl is amazing, i wanna marry her
person 2: shes your Gavi

example 2
person a: that girl is such a Gavi
person b: i know right, shes got everything
by her secreat admirer May 31, 2010
A magical girl who enjoys disney, canadians and Morgan.
I wish my daughter could be just like GAVI.
by Gavi's friend March 08, 2009
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