A slang word for stretching of a body piercing. The correct term is stretching.
"Hey, I'm gauging up my eat today!"
"She's been gaugin' up that for forever"
by MS/Billybobjo October 02, 2006
Girl who works at McDonalds and dates a lot of people at once and breaks all there hearts.
yea i found these two kids that play habbo who are cooler than me , so I want to start gauging there e-life
by Qbk June 14, 2010
The process of stretching a person's piercings from one gauge to a higher gauge.

Common gauging movements are from 8g to 6g, 2g to 0g and 1/2"g to 5/8"g.

Gauging too fast can cause tearing or a blowout.
I tore my ear the other day while gauging from a 4g to a 0g.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004

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