person who goes to get batman
The Joker has me locked in the trunk - please let yo gatman know I needs Batman.
by REDONTHEHEADFRED March 08, 2005
Top Definition
A hitman, some one you hire to kill someone else.
PAST: We don't know how killed JaRule, it was probably one of 50's Gatmen.
by 50CENT March 16, 2005
A gun man, which comes from gat: old slang, meanging gun. Came from shortening Gattling gun to just gat. A gangsta's gun. "Gatman & Robin" by 50 cent and Eminem.
I got a gatman
There's a problem I'ma solve it
A nigga movin' around
With a big ass revolver and a bat, man
by will james March 04, 2005
A White / Azn Guy Who Thinks His IQ Surpasses Everyones

A Person Who Gets Furious At The Smallest Things

Someone Who Gets Pwned By Others A Lot
Your Such A Gatmen

Why You Gotta Be A Gatmen

You Just Got Gatmen'd
by Jason July 26, 2004
Person who eats his own seaman.
Gatmen ate his one jizzum
by putty tang October 31, 2007
Gatman is the typical name any high school student takes up in school. To make himself look popular, even thou that person is a total loser and is always trying to get laid. You'll find that person on myspace all day, even in school that person would be using his cell to check his account on it. Gatmen are known to be perverts always trying to get some girl ass.
Gatman: Yo guys whaz-up!

Kenny: aw, man not adam(Gatman)!

Gerardo: Come on man, lets the fuck outta here.

Gatman: aww, man not again I got kicked outta the last group

Kenny: I wonder why...
by Adam140 November 19, 2006
a word meaning calling into work sick
im chucking a gatman today
by timeeeeh October 27, 2008
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