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A hitman, some one you hire to kill someone else.
PAST: We don't know how killed JaRule, it was probably one of 50's Gatmen.
by 50CENT March 16, 2005
1. Your Death Bed.

2. Move King does from the Prosperous Tekken Series of fighting games. He grabs you, and pulls your limbs back, and begins rolling you on the ground crushing the squishy stuff in your stomache because your arms nor legs are there to protect.

3. Another way of saying getting Rolled, or your ass beat.

Last Place a Nigga wanna be.
yo man, you hear bout' Theo? Dat nigga got into a death cradle.
by 50Cent March 16, 2005
Are you serious? virtua fighter sounds gay, plays gay, and all of you are GREASY ASS NERDS who think crapier things are better just for the fuck of it, GO FUCK YOURSELVES with a STOLEN DICK, VF is so fucking gay and stupid, TEKKEN IS THE GREATEST FIGHTING GAME EVER, VF having BETTER GRAPHICS? WTF YOU VISUAL FUCK GET OUT, TEKKEN RULES. VF SUCKS TEKKEN'S HUGE COCK.

Virtua fighter is a game for American wannabe jap nerds that think gay bullshit is better just for the fuck of it. Well it ain't. Hope you learned your lesson Bitch.
"SUCK my dick" - Heihachi
"SUCK my 10 incher" - Jin
"SUCK my Footlong" - Panda
"SUCK my alien 2 foot cock" - Yoshimitsu
Virtua Fighter = HOMOSEXXX
by 50Cent March 17, 2005
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