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A kick ass gun that has six barrels for cooling that rotate while firing.It uses a crank rather then a trigger.
The gatling gun is the old school version of the mini gun.
by Commander Helldemon June 07, 2005
To let go several farts in a continuous stream. Its not like whe u let go a long deep fart, but rather its like a sucession of smaller farts.
Ahh I just let go a Gatling Gun
by Hugh G. Rection October 15, 2005
Origanated from Gattling Who was the inventor of the machine gun (Gatling Gun)
The Gatling Gun was first used in the civil war.
by Ryan Downs August 26, 2003
The act of having sex to the point of orgasm many times in one period of time.
"Man, I'm taking this honey home tonight and going to gatling gun her fine ass."
by Sm3rnoff August 12, 2006
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