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Gatho: gathering of people between 10-30 people
jim's having a gatho on the weekend, you going ?
by jimm45 April 20, 2009
Shortening of the word Gathering.
Its like a party but smaller, usually with alcohol, and on the occasion drugs.
"Hey man you going to that gatho tonight?"
by Addie__xx February 29, 2008
Young peopel use the word Gatho instead of party to sway parents to let them go. It is meant to convey a smaller and more innocent night with friends, but in reality is just another word for party. They also dont realise how douchey they sound when they say gatho, and also how much it makes me want to punch them right in the face.
e.g Sarah: Mum can I go to Sam's party tonight?

Mum: Party! No way, you will be doing drugs and having sex, absolutely not.
e.g Sarah: Mum, Sam is having a gatho with a couple of friends can i please go.

Mum: ohh, a gathering that sounds nicem have a good night.
A Gatho is short for "a gathering" of friends for the purpose of having a good time. Usually for the consumption of alcohol.
Cello's having a Gatho down south, do you wanna go?
by MidnightOutlaw April 10, 2016
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